Organic & Sustainable Bath, Body and Home 
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Performance-based Organic Body and Skin Care

Our Mission: Formulating and creating performance-based organic body and skin care products that support a beautiful, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Each product is made from certified organic ingredients to create luxurious and unique products that work to restore the skin so it is at its healthiest and most radiant state. We further engage the senses through our thoughtful and precise use of aromatherapeutic-grade essential oils. skinnyskinny works to minimize all harm to our planet by being a sustainable, environmentally-conscious and cruelty-free company. 

Our Promise:• No synthetics or artificial preservatives • No sulfates, parabens, or perfumes• Vegan (with the sole exception of the beeswax lip balm)• Cruelty-Free, of course!  more information…


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